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Coal Briquettes

Coal Briquettes

    Coal briquette is a kind of coal product that has been briquetted under certain pressure with certain shapes and physicochemical properties from a coal briquette machine or an extruder machine.

    It usually uses coal dust to mix with binder and sulfur-fixing agent as well as some other additives to get the briquette.

    Industrial-fired boilers and industrial kilns use coal briquette to significantly increase thermal efficiency and reduce emissions of coal-fired pollutants compared to burning raw coal.

    Coal briquetting with the cleaning process and the clean product is suitable for global development and worth encouraging.

Materials coal briquetting process

The coal powder can not be processed directly. For there are some requirements to the raw materials.

Before going to the coal briquetting machine, the raw materials should have a proper moisture content. That can help the raw materials to form a shape easily.

Raw materials size is also an important factor for the coal briquetting making. Too big size can not make the raw materials into shapes.

The raw materials are not like the biomass raw materials, they don’t have lignin, so they are not easy to be bind together, you need to choose the proper binders.

Coal briquettes applications

Coal briquettes are used primarily in two areas: industrial and civil.

Industrial coal briquette

Industrial coal briquette is mainly divided into gasified coal briquette and steam coal briquette according to its usage.

Gasification coal briquette

Gas furnace gasification coal briquette

Gasification coal briquette for coke briquetting

Gasification coal briquette for coking

Steam coal briquette

Industrial boiler steam coal briquette

Steam locomotive steam coal briquette

Industrial furnace steam coal briquette

Civil coal briquette is mainly divided into honeycomb coal briquette and coal ball briquette according to the appearance and shape of coal. These briquettes are usually used for BBQ, heating, cooking, fireplace, etc.

Future of coal briquetting

The future development of coal briquetting should be efficient, clean burning, and simpler production processes.

Develop high-sulfur rate industrial coal briquette on coal gasification. Develop industrial coal briquette that can use coal slime and biomass to improve resource utilization. Developing cheaper industrial coal briquette based on local conditions, and higher quality, more energy-efficient coal briquettes are the way forward.

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