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Coal Briquette

Coal Briquette

    Product Description

    Coal Briquette is pulverized coal as the main raw material, which is produced by mechanical processing and compression molding according to the required ratio, mechanical strength, shape and size of the specific application, and has certain strength, size and shape. It can be used in blast furnace ironmaking, steam locomotive, layer-fired boiler, gas generator, industrial furnace and kiln are divided into the following types: casting, forging, steel rolling heating furnace, inverted flame kiln.

    The advantages: 1. Improve combustion efficiency and reduce energy waste. 2. Reduce environmental pollution. 3. Change the performance defects of a single coal type. 4. Reduce the demand for lump coal.

Product Parameters

Ash (max) / % V.M. (max) /% F.C. (min) /% Sulfur (max) /% Moi (max) / % Size
12-13 7-8 70-80 - - 10-50 mm
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