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Coal Tar Pitch

Coal Tar Pitch

    Product Description

    In the process of coal tar processing, the residue after the liquid fraction is removed by distillation is called coal tar. Coal tar pitch is the main component of coal tar, accounting for about 50% to 60% of the total. It is generally considered that its main component is polycyclic, Condensed-ring aromatic hydrocarbons and their derivatives, the specific compound composition is very complex, and the difference in raw coal and processing technology will also lead to differences in composition, the current method is mainly based on the softening temperature to distinguish.

    The main purpose: 1. for fuel. 2. It is used for the production of carbon electrodes and is the main use of coal pitch. 3. Used for waterproof coating of buildings and pipes. 4. Road construction and building materials are generally mixed with petroleum asphalt. 5. Needle coke, activated carbon, carbon fiber and other high value-added products. 6. Oil felt and other uses.

Product Parameters

Item Softening Point/℃ Toluene Insoluble (max) /% Ash (max) /% Quinoline Insoluble (max) /% Moi (max) / % Coking Value (min) /%
Low temperature 50-60 26-32 0.4 10 2 30
Medium temperature 80-90 26-32 0.3 6-12 2 52
High temperature 110-130 20-35 2 6-18 2 50
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