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Silicon Briquette

Silicon Briquette

    Product Description

    Silicon briquette is pressed with silicon powder, It is a kind of good deoxidizer and widely used in steel making. With the low price and good cost performance.

    Silicon Briquette is a good substitute for FeSi in steel making, which has advantage in lowing the costs of production and reusing resources. This is a new popular product we developed and mainly repressed by silicon metal powder, have been widely used in in domestic market, Egypt and South Korea in smelting industry.

    Our products are customer-oriented with different granularity and different chemical composition according to requirement.

Silicon carbide briquette

Silicon Carbide Briquette is mainly used in Powering Stove and Electric Surnace. It is a kind of deoxidizer in the process of Iron Foundries and Steel Mills. The factories of Special Steel, Stainless Steel, T-steel making,G-steel making all can use it.

Silicon Carbide Briquette raise the heat temperature in the furnaces, increase the metal rate, minimize the Oxidation losses on metal surface, and greatly improve the production efficiency, serving as deoxidant, carbon additives, silicon and supplementary fuel sources.

Silicon Carbide Briquette is also a cost-saving substitute for Ferro Silicon. Due to its cost advantages, multi-functions, fast reaction speed, and no dust nuisance while feeding of the material, SIC has gained much ground in competing with its rival materials. It is a new way in iron-smelting and steel-making process.

Silicon briquette is made of silicon slag, a by-product from production of silicon metal, also known as the name of silicon slag, silicon metal slag. The Si content is less than Silicon Metal or Ferrosilicon. The briquette shape made it easy to melt and less dust when using.

But with very low price, it became a good substitute of silicon metal and ferrosilicon as deoxidizer in the steelmaking production. More and more factories accepted this product all over world.

The quality of silicon briquette is a key factor in influence steel quality, therefore, to improve steel quality and product, purchase good performance silicon slag briquette, in accordance with the instruction adding use strictly, guarantee the quality of silicon briquette use and reduce the production cost. Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy silicon briquette suppliers, manufactures silicon briquette with silicon slag adopting advanced technology and modern testing equipment for thousands of steel industries offering high quality silicon briquette products.

Advantage of Silicon Carbon Briquette / FeSi Briquette / Silicon Metal Slag Ball

1) efficient initiating of smelting process in steelwork furnaces;

2) convenient and less expensive substitute to standard Ferro Silicon;

3) suitability of mixing with different materials according to customers' needs and requirements;

4) compression of pure material in capsular form, hence convenient in usage;

5) facility of transport due to the convenient size.

Silicon Briquette

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