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Silicon Carbide Balls

Silicon Carbide Balls

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    Silicon carbide balls are less frequently used than other ceramic materials. Due to its raw material costs and difficulty to machine. Silicon carbide offers the best heat and corrosion resistance of all the ceramic materials. Silicon Carbide is best used under low loads, low to moderate speeds and in highly corrosive environments.


Silicon carbide ball is used in the steel industry for processing steel and iron scrap. It is used by the steel industry as a ladle deoxidizer, a source of silicon and carbon in the ladle, an electric furnace slag deoxidizer, and as a synthetic slag additive. According to Miller statistics, it costs less than ferrosilicon and carbon combination, produces cleaner steel due to low level of trace elements. It has low gas content, and it does not lower the temperature of steel. It helps extend the hot steel supply and raises the tap temperature.

We believe that our silicon carbide balls can compete with any other similar products in terms of quality performance as well as price. Firstly, our products have high hardness and are not easily deformed and broken as we use high-quality silicon carbide materials. In addition, it has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, coupled with a smooth surface, is the best choice for bearing accessories. Moreover, it is lighter than steel balls so that it is widely used in the bearing field.

What are the advantages of silicon carbide balls?

Silicon carbide ball is more professional than ordinary deoxygenator, the advantages of silicon carbide ball are reflected in all walks of life, silicon carbide ball is mainly used in electrical furnaces and blast furnaces, as deoxygenators, used in casting and steelmaking industry. Increase the temperature in the furnace, shorten the melting time, improve the steel production, play the role of carbon, deoxygenation, silicon, heating, etc. can also be used as a substitute for silicon iron. And in the furnace will not produce dust pollution, rapid reaction speed, reduce costs, is a new way in the process of steelmaking.

Silicon carbide is a new material to improve the comprehensive economic benefits, which brings new opportunities for steelmaking, casting and other industries to increase competitive strength.

Advantages of silicon carbide balls in steelmaking

The use of silicon carbide balls in steelmaking can reduce useful metal oxides to be absorbed in steel, reducing the loss of steel water and increasing yield. The reaction heat generated when silicon carbide is oxidized reduces the amount of electricity used and reduces operating time. Therefore, silicon carbide ball in the steel-making deoxygenator can save costs and reduce losses.

Silicon Carbide Ball Applications

– Silicon carbide is an ideal material for sealing rings and bearings.

– Silicon carbide is frequently used in semiconductor and coating industries.

– Special bearings and pumps, electric switches and sensors, medical instruments. They are used in automotive, aviation and aerospace, naval, petroleum, chemical and electronic industry.

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