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    Product Description

    Semi-coke is light black, characterized by high fixed carbon, high specific resistance, high chemical activity, low ash content, low sulfur and Low phosphorus It is wildly applied to such industries as chemical industry, metallurgic industry, and gas-making industry to produce calcium carbide, ferroalloy, ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, silicomanganese, fertilizer, etc.

    ​Semi coke is made from high grade Jurassic coal as a new type of carbon material. It can substitute some metallurgical coke in producing ferroalloys products. Semi coke is using in smelting too.

    Semi-coke is more suitable than met coke in ferroalloys production as reducing agent: It reduce unit electricity consumption significantly nearly it can help save more than 1000 KWH for per ton of ferroalloy production. Semi coke could take place of met coke, pet-coke, wood charcoal and other carbon materials without upgrading the equipment.

    Advantage of semi coke than Met Coke in production of Ferro-alloy smelting as deoxidize

    Semi Coke could improve the quality of the ferroalloy significantly.

    Semi Coke could reduce unit electricity consumption significantly (nearly save more than 1000 KwHr, that means 8-10%)

    Semi coke could lower the cost of raw material.

    It’s very simple to replace metallurgical coke, pet-coke and charcoal with semi coke. There is no need to upgrade your equipment, the operation is easy and the process is simple.

    High specific resistance


    • Semi coke powder can be used in blast furnace instead of coal injection in steel-making;

    • 0-6mm semi coke can be used for sintering Mn ore in process of production SiMn; or using in other sinter mill.

    • 6-18mm semi coke can be used in producing Ferronickel, Ferrosilicon, Calcium Carbide and other ferroalloys.

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