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Coke Particles

Coke Particles

    Product Description

    Coke particles: after the oil coke breaks, it becomes coke particles

    (1) The steel-making agent for electric furnace can shorten the smelting time, reduce the power consumption, increase the productivity, and extend the life of the lining.

    (2) Carburizing agent for steel making can adjust the carbon content of the steel making end point to make it meet the carbon content requirements of the steel making type.

    (3) The conductive heat carrier used in the boiling reaction furnace in the chemical industry to prepare important auxiliary materials for sodium hydride.

    (4) Preparation of high-purity CO basic chemical raw materials in the chemical industry.

    (5) It can be used in the carbon industry: graphite electrodes, graphite anodes, carbon refractory materials, carbon anodes, carbon electrodes, carbon paste products, high-purity graphite, graphite products, graphite chemical equipment, etc.

Product Parameters

Coke Particles
Ash (max)/ % P (max) /% F.C. (min) /% Sulfur (max) /% Moi (max) / % Size
15 0.045 80 0.60 13 15-30 mm
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