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Petroleum Coke

Petroleum Coke

    Product Description

    Petroleum coke is the product of crude oil after distillation to separate light and heavy oil, and then the heavy oil is then thermally cracked.

    The physical and chemical properties of petroleum coke include ash, sulfur, volatiles, true density, porosity, resistivity, thermal expansion coefficient, and mechanical properties.

    Petroleum coke can be used in graphite, smelting and chemical industries depending on its quality.

Product Parameters

Petroleum Coke
Grade V.M. (max) /% Ash (max)/ % Sulfur (max) /% Moi (max) / % True density (calcination at 1300℃ for 5 hours) g/cm3
First Grade 12 0.3 0.5 3 2.08-2.13
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