• Metallurgical Coke
  • Metallurgical Coke Metallurgical coke is a general term for blast furnace coke, cast coke, ferroalloy coke and nonferrous metal smelting coke. Metallurgical coke is mainly used in blast furnace ironmaking and ACTS as fuel and reducing agent. Metallurgical coke is the main raw material for the production of various types of carbon block and electrode paste.
  • Coke Powder
  • Coke PowderThe steel-making agent for electric furnace can shorten the smelting time, reduce the power consumption, increase the productivity, and extend the life of the lining. Carburizing agent for steel making can adjust the carbon content of the steel making end point to make it meet the carbon content requirements of the steel making type.
  • Petroleum Coke
  • Petroleum Coke Petroleum coke is the product of crude oil after distillation to separate light and heavy oil, and then the heavy oil is then thermally cracked. The physical and chemical properties of petroleum coke include ash, sulfur, volatiles, true density, porosity, resistivity, thermal expansion coefficient, and mechanical properties. Petroleum coke can be used in graphite, smelting and chemical industries depending on its quality.
  • Semi Coke
  • Semi Coke Semi coke is fired from high-quality Jurassic fine coals abundant in Shenfu coal field. As a new type of carbon material, it has high fixed carbon, high specific resistance, high chemical activity, low ash content and low aluminum. The characteristics of low sulfur and low phosphorus are widely used in the production of calcium carbide, ferroalloy, ferrosilicon, silicon carbide and other products to gradually replace metallurgical coke, becoming an irreplaceable carbon material. semi coke can replace coke (metallurgical coke) and is widely used in chemical industry, smelting, gas production and other industries.
  • Si-C Briquette
  • Si-C BriquetteSi-C briquette is a new type of alloy used in converters. It can replace ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, and carburizing agents to reduce the amount of deoxidizer. It is used in the converter deoxidation alloying process. The effect is stable. The chemical composition, mechanical properties and internal control of steel grades The quality is better than traditional crafts.
  • Silicon Slag
  • Silicon SlagSilicon slag is a subsidiary product of metal silicon smelting, the silicon content is generally 30-70%.
    Silicon slag use: Silicon slag can be used for recrystallization and purification in the middle; effective slag discharge, increase the label, improve the toughness of the casting and the cutting ability And output.

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