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Silicon Carbide

    Product Description

    Silicon Carbide is a kind of deoxidizer material that used in steel making. It can enhance the absorption rate of C, Si, Mn and can totally replace ferrosilicon and high manganese carbon. The effect of reducing production cost is obvious.

    Silicon carbide is a man-made material manufactured through heating silica sand and carbon to high temperatures in the Acheson furnace technique. Silicon carbide is an extremely hard material (Mohs hardness 9.25), is chemically inert and does not melt. Silicon Carbide has a high thermal conductivity, a low coefficient of thermal expansion, is thermal shock and abrasion resistant and has strength at high temperatures. Silicon carbide's varied properties make it an effective material in many different applications.

Silicon carbide contains two common basic varieties: black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide. Black silicon carbide contains sic about 95%, so the toughness is higher than green silicon carbide. It is widely used for processing low tensile strength material like glass, ceramics, stone, refractory material, cast iron and nonferrous metal etc. Green silicon carbide contains sic about 97% above with good self-sharpening, so it is used for processing hard alloy, titanium alloy and optical glass as well as cylinder jacket and fine grinding cutting tools.

Silicon carbide has good hardness only second to the hardest diamond, hardness is 9.5. Due to good thermal conductivity, silicon carbide is a kind of semiconductor and can oxidation resistance in high temperature. Silicon carbide has wide applications because of stable chemical performance, high thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient, good wear-resisting performance. Low grade silicon carbide about 85% is an excellent deoxidizer, which can speed up steel making and facilitate the control of chemical composition to improve the steel quality. Therefore, the market price of silicon carbide is still stable.

Applications of Silicon Carbide:

1. Silicon carbide can be used as metallurgical deoxidizer and high temperature resistant materials in smelting.

2. Silicon carbide can also be used as abrasive materials, which can be used to make abrasive tools, such as grinding wheels, oilstones, grinding head and so on.

3. Silicon carbide is a new kind of reinforced steelmaking deoxidizing agent and ideal thermal insulating agent. It is used for deoxidizing. The usage dose is 14kg/t can make electricity consumption to reduce 15-20kw/h and time to reduce 15-20min per furnace to raise productivity rate to 8-10%.

Calcined Anthracite Coal

Model NO.Fixed carbon (min)%Sulfur (max)% Ash (max)%Volatile Matter (max)%Moisture (max)%N (max)%p (max)%

(1) Large melting furnace, longer melting time, lead to more crystallization, bigger crystals, higher purity and less impurities in producing Silicon carbide.

(2) Character of Silicon carbide: Good hardness, longer life.

(3) Chemical washed and water washed good cleanness.

(4) Special treated for Silicon carbide get higher purity, better toughness, and better grinding effect.

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