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    Product Description

    Powdered coke (coke): Coke powder is obtained from the distillation of coal by pressurized air isolation. Coke powder is mainly used for copper, lead, zinc, titanium, antimony, mercury and other nonferrous metals smelting blast furnace, from the reducing agent, heating agent and material column skeleton role. Blast furnace using coke instead of charcoal, laid the foundation for modern large-scale blast furnace. For the blast furnace operation to achieve better technical and economic indicators, smelting with coke (metallurgical coke) must have the appropriate chemical and physical properties, including the smelting process of thermal nature. In addition to a large number of coke for iron and nonferrous metal smelting (metallurgical coke), but also for casting, chemical, calcium carbide and ferro-alloys, their quality requirements vary. Such as foundry coke, generally require large size, low porosity, high fixed carbon and low sulfur; chemical gasification of coke, strict requirements for strength, but requires good response, high ash melting point; calcium carbide, coke production requirements maximize the fixed carbon content.

Production Flow

Metallurgical coke it is a refined carbon product made from a special kind of coal. Using extremely high temperatures, coal can purified into coke -- which is then used in the iron and steel making processes. One of the most important steps in the coke-making process is choosing the right coal to use as a raw material.

Foundry Coke Powder Function

1. It has the characteristics of high carbon content, low sulfur and phosphorus, stable chemical composition, moderate hardness and regular particle size.

2. Improve thermal efficiency, reduce power consumption, reduce electrode consumption, and extend the life of the lining.

3. Improve productivity and economic efficiency and reduce dust pollution in the workshop and labor intensity of workers.

Foundry&Metallurgical Coke Specification

Foundry CokeMetallurgical Coke
SpecificationsSuper GradeFirst GradeSecond GradeFirst GradeSecond GradeHigh sulfur coke
Volatile matter1.5%max1.5%max1.5%max1.5%max1.5%max1.5%max
Fixed carbon90%min89%min87%min86%min85%min85%min
Size0-10mm, 10-30mm, 30-80mm, 60mm-90mm, 80-120mm, 90-150mm, 150-300mm, or as your requirement
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